Tata Nano 2 Door

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Tata

Tata Nano 4 Door

Tata Nano 2 Door

Rendering for Indian Autos Blog

  1. Baji! You’ve really stepped up your chopping skillz! These are all excellent. I think the Tata Nano coupe is great, and the Veracruz is awesome. I’ll bookmark your blog and check in from time to time. Cool!

  2. awesome, thanks! your site is really well done, i like the design, the maneuverability. my site is a simple blogspot template but I have fun with it, lol. thanks again for the link. i’m not sure how to do that on blogspot, but when I do i’ll link you too. i have tons to learn about posting.

  3. AudiR8 says:

    I’m not sure what Tata needs is a smaller car, but it looks very nice anyway. Nice chopping skills, man! (And hi Art!)

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