Zoom Zoom

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yeah I’ll admit it.. I’m a blatant Mazda Fanboy….I wasn’t always though. But those catchy zoom-zoom ads of the early decade must’ve worked, because now Mazda is probably my favourite car company – I like what they stand for, I like how they are different, and I like how they try to inject a bit of soul and fun into their vehicle line up. I don’t know who came up with the tagline Zoom-Zoom but it was genius. Apparently 96% of Australians can correctly identify the tagline with Mazda. It’s a phrase that may sound silly, but it really does live up to its name, and for the most part is universally understandable.  Apart from Mazda, and obviously Toyota, I doubt many other marketing campaigns of other automakers are as powerful. Heck i can’t even remember what Hyundai or Kia’s slogan are. Holden.. hmm not sure either but it used to be “Holden’s mean a great deal to Australia”, that was until they started sourcing the majority of their vehicles from South Korea.  Nissan, from the top of my head i think its “Shift the way you move” – doesn’t really make too much sense to me. And the rest of the other brand awareness campaigns are pretty mediocre.

I was youtubing the other day, and came across this video. It’s now bookmarked. I loved the older mazda ads of the decade. Nothing needed to be said – they were pretty much just the cars driving around with joy written all over the driver and passenger’s faces – the cars pretty much sold themselves based on aesthetics and the allusion to driving freedom and joy. I’d much rather this type of marketing then the automaker pointing out that the car has airbags, or cd-player or airconditioning which should pretty much be standard on every car nowadays. Well i wont rant on any longer, and just let you have a look at the vid. Hope it works *fingers crossed*

  1. h0z says:

    haha i know exactly what you mean!

    thats the reason ive wanted a mazda ever since i can remember (the song..) i used to always sing along haha its awesome!

    i originally wanted the mx5/miata but when the 3 came out it seemed more practical and i was just inlove with it! and i still am ❤

    btw. hurry up and get one! then road trip it to sydney!! 😛

  2. i’m the old man around here. you should have been around when the first Mazdas started arriving in this country in the early ’70s. They were quite odd looking, and came in rotary and piston powered versions of basically the same car. they were styled in what I call ‘early Japanese Modern” lol, with lots of weird trim and gingerbread stuck all over the place, BUT the rotary powered RX-2, RX-3 and RX-4s were awesome enthusiast cars. I went to a few races at Lime Rock sponsored by Car and Driver in the early.mid ’70s with my parents, and people like Pat Bedard raced them everywhere. When the first RX7 came out in the late ’70s, they were SWEET and beautiful to look at.

    i need for them to get over the smiley face designs right now though!

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