aLFA romeo Supercar

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Alfa Romeo, Lexus

Lexus had a grand vision for the LFA, and for the most part, it eventuated. However I still have to say that I’m still not a complete fan of the exterior design. I love the raked windscreen, and how it flows through to the back. I love the scoops next to the windows. The overall profile looks quite nice and fitting for a vehicle of this caliber – however I really dislike the front end treatment. It just doesn’t look cohesive especially with all those openings and shapes.

So this is what I envisioned the LFA to look like, if it had been designed by Alfa Romeo.

Lexus LFA

Alfa Romeo

  1. I can’t tell you how much more I like this Alfa than the LFA! There is something very utilitarian about the LFA, even though I acknowledge it’s a formidable competitor in that rarified class. Lexus cars just seem to lack a soul, even when they’re supercars. You’ve given the car a soul, a gorgeous “Vivace” soul. Perfectly executed chop, a Nadia Comaneci perfect 10, although you’re probably too young to get the reference, lol.

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