Mazda Sports Coupe – Kodo Design

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Mazda

10,000 HITS!!! 😀

As promised – the concept was initially inspired by the Mazda MX3. But now im not too sure if it looks right to be an MX3. It looks a bit too sporty to be a simple front drive coupe. So maybe RX9? Or a 2 door Sports Coupe with a conventional turbo engine? FT86 competitor perhaps.

Mazda 2 Door Sports Coupe

  1. I commented over at CSS too, but I’ll say it again This chop is fantastic! I could see it as a revived RX-2, or perhaps even a Cosmo. The RX-2 was their “family” rotary engined coupe in the early 1970s, with the RX-3 as the more affordable rotary coupe. The Cosmo, was of course, their limited edition upper level coupe. I recently posted parts of those original dealer brochures on my blog. You really made a beautiful coupe out that longer sedan. I looked through the PR photos for the concept, and love the photo you selected to chop. Those old wooden windows contrast beautifully with the sleek and shiny car.

  2. Ryan Servatius says:

    Its as if the Opel hatch and Fisker mated and came out with perfection….

    Love It

  3. Brian says:

    OMG that’s sexy, I’ve always like the Mx-3 shape (and the 323 astina). Such a pity, not much cars have that shape anymore 😦

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