Mazda CX9 Gen 2

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Mazda

Work In Progress Image after the jump


  1. I love your works-in-progress. I enjoy seeing the way your creative eye works. I have 20-25 of these in-progress works going at any one time, and they look quite similar. These show a lot of creativity and I thank you for showing them!

    As far as the finished piece goes: I HOPE Mazda is as creative and fluid as you are!

  2. baji192 says:

    Haha. my WIP’s are usually really messy. They tend to look better if you squint or blur your eyes.

  3. baji192 says:

    I dont usually work on technical perfection. When I do these chops, its more of a ‘feel’ than anything. I just keep playing with proportions until the vehicle ‘feels’ right. Its only then that i actually start on trying to get the chop to a presentable quality.

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