Nissan Concept Sedan

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Nissan

Just toying with a Maxima/Altima replacement sedan.

Work in progress images after the jump

Works In Progress:

UPDATE: Minor tweaking to proportions and overall shape

  1. juan manuel says:

    It’s Amazing
    Never seen such a beautiful car, superb
    And the work to make it is as amazing as the car itself
    If it would exist i would buy it indeed

  2. John Fitz says:

    if Nissan were smart they would release a car like this for 2014. I have a 2011 that is die for trade in March 2015. If this car were available, no doubt I would stay with Nissan. Otherwise, I am swaying to look at the Hyundai Genesis, which also looks amazing or go the German (Audi, Mercedes, BMW route on my next lease.
    Hopefully Nissan Maxima design team keeps my interest and releases a car like this one shown.
    Doubt disappoint a loyal customer.

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