Mazda5 Kodo Design

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Mazda, Uncategorized

Finally finished off my Mazda5 design.


  1. eshirk says:

    Great work! I still think the next Mazda5 should keep the sliding doors, it makes entry and exit so much easier, and you don’t have to worry about kids swinging the doors out and dinging the car parked next to you. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. says:

    I hope you sent this to mazda as I want this car! (with dual sliding doors)
    2012 Nagare 5 made mazda loose me as a potential customer.

  3. Please Mazda! says:

    Love. Love. Love.
    (thought you missed the sliding doors)

    On the off hands that any Mazda folk monitor this, Kodofy the 5, put the Skyactiv D in it, and I’m down at the dealership tomorrow!!!

  4. Romana says:

    great job mate,I’ve got 2005 Mazda 5 ,the first,and so far the last great looking one.I love my car and if Mazda people will take your ideas and transform them to new 5,I’m going to buy it!!
    PS.It really needs electric sliding doors,just like my one!!

  5. Chris Ford says:

    Nice work! Love the Kodo design on the front end! I have a “smiley face” 2012 Mazda 5 GT now and this redesign is high on my wish list for my next one. A couple of other “wishes” to add:
    – keep the sliding doors. Makes access for older folks and kids much easier.
    – upgrade the engine to include the full SKYACTIV suite of technology. Keep the 6-speed, please.
    (This car needs to get better fuel economy!)
    – available diesel engine, please?!!!
    – make heated seats, moonroof and adjustable Xenon headlights available in base GT model,
    not just available only with the top-of-the-line model
    – Soften up the interior materials. Too much hard (read: cheap) plastics!
    – Nit-picky stuff: Redesign the rear wiper to lift off the back window, like the front wipers. Makes
    cleaning the back window SO MUCH EASIER! Less chance of gas station jockies breaking
    something. While you’re at it, reposition the rear window washer to cover more area, ie, a
    broader spray pattern on the window that is spread across the window with the FIRST swipe of
    the wiper, not after the first DRY swipe.
    – Redesign the middle seats to stay upright when sliding forward to allow passengers more access
    into the rear seats. Currently, when the lever is lifted to slide the middle seat forward, the seat
    back falls forward, limiting how far forward the seat can slide to allow access into the rear seats.
    This redesign would allow a couple of more PRECIOUS inches of room to climb in! Much easier
    to get in and out!

    I know this stuff isn’t in your control, but please pass this on to Mazda. There’s more and more competition out there today, and Mazda needs to keep up, if not, keep ahead of them if they want to retain their existing customers and win new ones, in this category. Thx for listening.

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  7. Archie Polecina says:

    I am dying to own it. Pleeese put the Skyactive in it. It would also look more nicer if Mazda put in LED lights both at the front and back. I do love the Mazda 5 2010 model which have a straight vertical LED tail light at the back. I don’t like the tail light of the present one because it looks like an old Mbenz model of which i don’t know what year it was. Looking more highlights for the new Mazda 5 2015 model. THANK YOU.

  8. Mushfiq says:

    Just too good. Send this Mazda. I am ready to buy this.

  9. Frank Kings says:

    Exquisite job, better with slidding rear doors with powerfull engine engine and 6 speed gear shift. Congratulations.

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